I also appreciated his cheerful manner and skill.

When an old crown fell off, I was dreading getting a new one. But the whole hour and a half went smoothly from novocaine to temporary. I appreciated that Dr. Duke took the time to explain so many things to me, which helped me understand more and put me at ease. I also appreciated his cheerful manner and skill. Not only did he make an unpleasant event (to me) almost pleasant, but my bite is back to normal! And his assistant Marie is also to be commended for her efficiency.

Making a major change in the choice of a doctor, CPA, or dentist can cause some moments of anxiety. That’s what my thoughts were when I approached Dr. David Duke’s Bitterroot Dental office on Higgins near Stephens Ave. I had first learned of his office through a flyer and since it was so close by, I made an appointment. It was a great decision on my part.

Since first meeting with Dr. Duke, I have been tremendously impressed by his knowledge and his professionalism. I had to have multiple implants to replace missing teeth. With the procedure completed, how fortunate I feel that Dr. Duke is my dentist. I found the time spent in his dental chair caused little pain and brought about wonderful results. I love my new teeth.

Jane Haveman