Since the beginning of time humans and humanoids alike have been the victims of dry mouth, probably. While we can’t totally confirm that upon evolving into free-thinking creatures we started caring about our oral health, we can confirm that early on human history there was evidence of “fuzzy sticks” used for cleaning their teeth, presumably to get the foul taste of whatever stood for nourishment in those days out of their mouth. While the toothbrush is as old as time itself, it seems that dry mouth may very well be a discomfort that evolution just hasn’t been able to shake too. Don’t be like your ancient ancestors who lived in the dark ages, bring your oral health into the light with a couple of savvy tricks to shake dry mouth off.

What is Xerostomia

In short, it’s dry mouth. What’s really weird about this condition though, is very few people realize they have it. It’s much like any other minor inconvenience that your body goes through in the sense that your brain just resolves to ignore it either consciously or unconsciously and it promptly determines it’s not a problem. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, unfortunately, and most folks find that because they’ve ignored their dry mouth so long their teeth have suffered from not being properly moistened and in the right condition for some time. In fact, dry mouth symptoms often go unchecked because of the dentist’s poor habits of expecting a patient to bring up problems that they might not even know they’re having. The patient will obviously assume that a dentist will bring up any oral health concerns to be sure they don’t have them. Thus, both individuals remain in the dark in regard to a potentially serious health issue until it’s too late. You don’t have to do that; you can enlist in at home remedies that will keep your teeth in top shape and your mouth from ever feeling dry again.

Mild Dry Mouth

Solve your own mild dry mouth symptoms by first identifying them. If your tongue feels thick and chalky in your mouth and you have trouble swallowing or salivating at all, you have dry mouth. If after trying to treat this issue at home with some of the following tips and tricks, please let your Missoula dentist know the next time you come in for a visit so we can look to cures for your chronic dry mouth that are more effective and won’t render your teeth incapable of staying moist.

Dry Mouth Remedies

Try chewing sugar-free gum. Sometimes,  even hard candies will stimulate the flow of saliva just enough to eliminate that dry mouth issue you’re having. You might also look to limiting your caffeine intake by significant portions as a solution as well. Cut back on mouthwashes that contain alcohol and stop all tobacco use. Stay hydrated and if you’re still feeling the effects of dry mouth look to some over the counter saliva substitutes. Whatever you do though, don’t just let dry mouth wreak havoc on your oral health.

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