At Bitterroot Dental, we believe that everyone should have a beautiful smile that they are proud to share on a daily basis. One of the ways we help our patients is through cosmetic dentistry. As the Top Rated Local® family dentist in Missoula, Dr. David B. Duke offers a superior cosmetic dentistry experience. From veneers and KOR Whitening to inlays and overlays, each cosmetic dentistry service we offer is designed to to give you a reason to smile.

Innovative Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you wish to completely redesign your smile with veneers, desire to have your teeth shine as white as they have ever been, or simply want a natural looking partial crown, the cosmetic dentistry is here for you. We understand that great looking teeth instills confidence, and we believe you deserve to have the smile to match.


50c17421ab2abVeneers are an excellent way to redesign and reshape your entire mouth. Veneers are a very thin ceramic shell that covers your existing tooth structure. In placing these new veneers on your teeth, you are able to fix the look of issues such as staining, cracked teeth, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and many other unwanted appearance issues.

In terms of the process to place veneers, it is a process that takes approximately two to three visits. In the first visit, we will discuss your goals and preferences for your new smile. For significant changes to a smile, we may show you what your new smile will look like before we begin, so we know you will love it. Once we have a plan in place, we will carefully prepare the teeth for the placement of the new veneers. As we complete this piece of the process, the next step is to take an impression of the newly prepared teeth. This impression will be sent to our laboratory for the final product to be fabricated. While the new veneers are being fabricated at the lab, we will provide you with a beautiful temporary solution to wear. In some cases, we will use the temporaries as a test drive to see how you like your new teeth, before making the final teeth. While this adds time, it ensures you get exactly what you want. We only utilize the highest standard of laboratory for the fabrication of all of our work. This process at the laboratory takes about three weeks.
As the veneers are finalized, we will make every effort to make sure that your new veneers will feel just like your natural teeth. We will bond them into place, ensuring that you can enjoy your new smile for a very long time.

KOR Whitening

Despite being the most expensive whitening system offered in our office, the KOR Whitening Deep-Bleaching system is by far the most popular. If you’ve whitened your teeth before and were not satisfied, then KOR is the answer for you.

Perhaps it’s the real life before-and-after photos that hook patients. Or perhaps it’s the the lure of low sensitivity and permanent results. We know it’s not the thrilling dual-activated, tri-barrel hydremide peroxide technology. Whatever it is that attracts patients to KOR, we know they are all happy they made the choice. With a money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

The KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching system has several tweaks to the more common whitening methods, and these alterations make all the difference. The trays are unlike all other whitening trays because they have a customized seal at the base, which holds the whitening gel against the tooth while sealing out moisture (saliva) that deactivates the gel on contact. And they’re more comfortable. The whitening gels themselves are more powerful and produce less sensitivity thanks to a better designed formula.

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Inlays and Onlays

Inlay_Onlay_CrownInlays and onlays are often referred to as partial crowns. They use the existing tooth as a base and fit the inlay or onlay onto the tooth. This is done to strengthen the tooth, restore its shape, and prevent further damage. An inlay is done when there is no damage to the cusps of the tooth and the inlay can be placed right on the tooth. An onlay is used when the damage is a little more extensive or if the cusp of a tooth is damaged.

The decayed/fractured area of the tooth is first removed. A mold of the tooth is then taken and sent to a dental lab. They create a restoration made from porcelain, gold, or a composite resin. The restoration takes 3 weeks to make, so a temporary inlay or onlay will be placed on the tooth for that time. During your next visit the inlay or onlay will be cemented or bonded into place. Your new tooth will look so natural no one will be able to tell the difference.

VIP Amenities

Our dentist’s Missoula office offers amenities and interesting extras to make each visit with us an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to provide high quality dental care while putting you in the most comfortable setting possible. Our facility is one whose dental program is run under the strict supervision of a licensed dentist.

Today’s Patient can enjoy the following VIP luxuries:

  • Massaging dental chairs for relaxation during procedures
  • Blankets
  • Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide)
  • WiFi
  • Flat Screen TV’s
  • Child play-area with toys and DVD’s
  • iTero Element digital scanner – no impressions