1. Keep your fingers and tongue away from the surgical site. Do not poke at the site with any object, such as a tooth pick.
  2. Apply ice packs on the affected side of the face for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for the first 12 hours after surgery. Bags of frozen vegetables such as peas work well also.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. Do not use a straw. Maintain a balanced diet to promote healing.
  4. Diet may consist of soft foods. Avoid seeds, nuts, popcorn or rice for two weeks or until the surgical site is completely closed.
  5. A certain amount of bleeding (or oozing) is to be expected following surgery. Bleeding is controlled by applying pressure to the surgical area for 90 minutes after surgery. If bleeding persists, apply additional pressure for another 60 minutes. A moist tea bag can be placed in the area of bleeding firmly for one hour.
  6. Do not smoke for at least 5 days after surgery.
  7. Avoid alcohol for 5 days after surgery. If you have been given a prescription medication, ask the doctor or your pharmacist if alcohol can be taken while on the medication. Many pain medications may interact with alcohol and can be dangerous.
  8. If you are on other medications, be sure to discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist to minimize drug interactions.

A certain amount of bleeding, pain and swelling is normal and should be expected. Reduce your activity as much as possible for several hours, including speaking. These activities may hinder proper healing in the first few hours. Avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 5 days after surgery as the increase in blood pressure may affect any sutures, bone grafts, or the healing of the sinus. Immediately following the procedure begin taking medication as directed by your doctor to minimize discomfort when the anesthesia wears off.

To Control Bleeding

Immediately following the procedure keep steady pressure over the surgical site. Pressure helps reduce bleeding and permits formation of a clot. If bleeding persists after two hours despite pressure on the site, please call Dr. Duke. Some oozing of blood may persist for 1-2 days after surgery. Normal oral hygiene can be resumed the day after bleeding has stopped.

To Minimize Swelling and Discomfort

Following the procedure place an ice bag over the effected area for 20 minutes, then remove it for 20 minutes. Repeat this for 12 hours to reduce swelling and discomfort. Alternatively, you may place a bag of unopened frozen vegetables (peas work best) on the outside of the face. For pain use the prescription given to you by Dr. Duke. If a prescription was not given, take 600mg Ibuprofen and 500mg Tylenol together every six hours if allowed by your physician and Dr. Duke. If this does not work or you cannot take these drugs, please contact our office. Swelling and/or bruising may occur for up to 7 days after surgery. Generally swelling peaks at 3-4 days. A slight fever is possible.

After 24 hours, do not apply cold to the area. Instead, apply medium heat compresses to the area to relieve discomfort or swelling. Cold for the first 24 hours, heat after that!

Oral Hygiene Is Important

24 hours after surgery you can gently rinse your mouth with a solution of one-half teaspoon of salt dissolved in a large glass of warm water. Repeat after eating or snacking but do not forcefully swish. Rinsing will remove food and debris from the area and promote healing. Brush normally except around the surgical site. Avoid direct contact with the site. After 24 hours a wet cloth can be applied with light pressure to the area to gently “wipe” away food or debris on the adjacent teeth and surgical site. Avoid eating popcorn, seeds, nuts, chips, acidic or spicy foods or beverages for 2 weeks.


The tooth will likely have a temporary crown placed on it when you leave the office today. It may be necessary to return in 3 weeks for slight modifications to the crown. You will be informed if this appointment is necessary. Your final crown will be made by the laboratory and be ready to be placed in your mouth three weeks after the tooth is finalized for completion. It is important you return for your final crown as the crown you have now is only a temporary crown and not the final product.