Regardless of age or the number of teeth, everyone needs a good dentist. Look no further than Dr. David B. Duke. Whether it’s your first dental visit or you have been coming to the missoula dentist since before novacaine was invented you’ll find our office can deliver what you are searching for.

Dr. Duke is comfortable with young kids and encourages development of a coordinated plan between kids, parents and the dentist to provide great dental experiences early on. As your child grows, Dr. Duke can follow them through the changes of teeth and growth spurts that accompany them.

Adults have a wide array of dental needs. Some have all their teeth, some have none. Whether it’s a simple tooth colored filling, gum disease treatments, a root canal, a crown, replacing a missing tooth with a bridge or implant, removing teeth, making a denture, whitening your teeth, a cosmetic makeover, jaw pain, a dental emergency, or a mouth full of implants, we’ve got you covered. There’s no problem too small or too difficult.

So if you’re looking for one place the entire family can go, you’ve found it – Dentistry for Today’s Family.

Dr. Duke believes firmly in the concept of minimally invasive dentistry. This means we use techniques that allow Dr. Duke to keep your mouth as natural as possible, such as tooth colored fillings.  When intervention becomes necessary, technology like digital x-rays, lasers, and digital bite analysis systems allow us to be more conservative than traditional dental techniques. Regular dental visits are the easiest, most comfortable and least expensive way to maintain good oral health. Our goal is to provide you with the least amount of dentistry over your lifetime.

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