1. What’s a Skin Graft?

    Dentistry has come a long way since the days of barber-surgeons who probably caused more dental problems than they solved. Today, we are able to perform and fix all sorts of dental conditions, either for aesthetics or for function, that help you to live a better life. One of these amazing developments in dentistry is gum grafts. But what is a gum graft and when would you need one? Bitterroot Denta…Read More

  2. The Anatomy of a Tooth

    Your teeth are made from the strongest substances in your body — enamel. Your teeth are stronger than your bones. If you think about it, they have to be. Just think of what they do all day long, day in and day out. They are responsible for chewing and beginning the digestive process. They help you breathe and help you talk. Teeth are amazing structures in your body. Bitterroot Dental is a Top Ra…Read More

  3. “What Should I Do If A Permanent Tooth Falls Out?” Your Missoula Dentist Weighs-In

    Getting a tooth knocked out is not just a frightening and upsetting experience, it’s also the worst scenario possible in many folk’s minds. The proper term for a knocked-out tooth is an “avulsed” tooth and you’re right to stress about it as it’s one of the most serious dental emergencies in the book. That being said, while it’s serious, it’s hardly irreversible. The damage can be f…Read More

  4. “Is Chewing Gum Bad For Your Teeth?” Your Missoula Dentist Weighs-In

    When you’ve got to study, you have to focus, and when you need a little help drowning out those distractions you likely pop a piece of minty, refreshing gum into your mouth. It’s a popular habit in the U.S., so popular in fact, that the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the average American consumes nearly 1.8 pounds of it per year. If you’ve never paused to wonder if chewing gum is good or …Read More

  5. How You Missoula Dentist Can Help You Battle Bruxism

    Grinding your teeth might seem like a non-threatening habit, but it can cause quite a bit of strife. While clenching and grinding your teeth in your sleep every once in a while is hardly a dire situation, it can certainly wear you down quickly. If it becomes an actual habit, it can harm your teeth and cause numerous oral health issues that, as we’re well aware of, cause health issues throughout …Read More

  6. Does Your Missoula Dentist Phase Out Your Restorative Treatment? Do They Give You The Option?

    When it comes to restorative treatments for your oral care and appearance, those often come with a rather hefty price tag. We know that your smile can be a huge source of confidence or lack thereof, so it’s important that you get the treatment you require, but if it’s going to be $10,000 right out the door (we promise that’s a hyperbole) then you’re hardly going to be able to get your smil…Read More

  7. HPV 101: The Newest Oral Cancer Epidemic on the Block

    Human papillomavirus-related oropharyngeal cancer(HPV) is officially registered as an epidemic. What does that mean for you and how often you should be going to the dentist? It means, if your dentist is up-to-date like Bitterroot Dental in Missoula is, you have nothing to worry about. We believe it’s our duty to guide you through the screenings for new diseases that pop up from time to time. You…Read More

  8. Dental Care For Xerostomia That’s as Old As Dry Mouth Itself

    Since the beginning of time humans and humanoids alike have been the victims of dry mouth, probably. While we can’t totally confirm that upon evolving into free-thinking creatures we started caring about our oral health, we can confirm that early on human history there was evidence of “fuzzy sticks” used for cleaning their teeth, presumably to get the foul taste of whatever stood for nourish…Read More

  9. Three Signs It’s Time To Switch Dentists

    Most folks see a dentist as an infallible doctor. While you should put faith in your dentist because they’re in charge of managing your oral health which has connections to your brain and heart, it’s also important to be treated like a customer as well as a patient. There’s a difference between telling you the hard truth about your oral health and bullying you into a procedure you don’t ne…Read More

  10. Rare Bacteria That’s Causing Tooth Decay Is On The Loose

    Tooth decay sounds daunting and horrible, and while it’s no walk in the park, it’s still highly preventable and manageable, except when the bacteria mutates inside your mouth. Tooth decay comes in a couple of different variations, but most commonly it comes in the form of cavities which are generally pretty manageable. Tooth decay is caused by one specific strain of bacteria called Streptococc…Read More