1. Dental Care For Xerostomia That’s as Old As Dry Mouth Itself

    Since the beginning of time humans and humanoids alike have been the victims of dry mouth, probably. While we can’t totally confirm that upon evolving into free-thinking creatures we started caring about our oral health, we can confirm that early on human history there was evidence of “fuzzy sticks” used for cleaning their teeth, presumably to get the foul taste of whatever stood for nourish…Read More

  2. Three Signs It’s Time To Switch Dentists

    Most folks see a dentist as an infallible doctor. While you should put faith in your dentist because they’re in charge of managing your oral health which has connections to your brain and heart, it’s also important to be treated like a customer as well as a patient. There’s a difference between telling you the hard truth about your oral health and bullying you into a procedure you don’t ne…Read More

  3. Rare Bacteria That’s Causing Tooth Decay Is On The Loose

    Tooth decay sounds daunting and horrible, and while it’s no walk in the park, it’s still highly preventable and manageable, except when the bacteria mutates inside your mouth. Tooth decay comes in a couple of different variations, but most commonly it comes in the form of cavities which are generally pretty manageable. Tooth decay is caused by one specific strain of bacteria called Streptococc…Read More

  4. Missoula Dentist Advice: Teeth Whitening

    Everyone wants the highly desirable pearly white teeth. Not only will you generally look better in pictures, you’ll also feel a swell of confidence each time you bless people with the vision of your dazzling smile. So how should you pursue the soon-to-be-reality of a perfectly white smile? There’s a whole host of ways to pursue whiter, fresher looking teeth. You can sleuth out the right cosmet…Read More

  5. Missoula Dentist Advice: All About Bruxism- Part 2

    Bruxism or teeth grinding is something that seems harmless at first but really isn't. If you only do it every once in a while in your sleep, your teeth are probably safe. But if you’re doing it often enough to crack the plastic of your retainer, you’re probably in need of a night guard. If you let bruxism run wild, you can suffer from chipped teeth and cracked teeth that’ll leave your oral h…Read More

  6. Missoula Dentist Advice: All About Bruxism

    What is bruxism? It’s grinding, gnashing and clenching your teeth. There’s two kinds of bruxism: awake bruxism and a sleep bruxism. You may not think your jaws are very powerful, but think of the comparison of how hard it is for a human to bite through a finger: that it’s like biting through a carrot. Your jaws can cleave through a fair amount of flesh and bone with relative ease. When that …Read More

  7. Dental Hygiene: Why Does My Breath Always Stink (Part Two)?

    Fascinated by why your breath stinks? Mostly it’s bacteria, but it’s a slew of things that attribute to that bacteria building up and turning your mouth into a petri dish that renders your breath smelling like a volcano, aka sulfur and decay. So what exactly contributes to bad breath destroying your mouth’s delicate equilibrium? In our previous article we discussed some of the common practic…Read More

  8. Dentist Hygiene: Why Does My Breath Always Stink?

    Morning breath is one thing, but consistently stinky breath can put a damper on your day. Meeting the big executive soon and worried about that consistently bad breath? Perhaps your recent date didn’t find your breath as attractive as the rest of you. Don’t fret, fixing chronic bad breath comes down to understanding what the problem is from the get-go so that you can start breaking down the va…Read More

  9. What Does a Laser Dentist Offer?

    Bitterroot Dental now offers laser dentist services to the people of Missoula. Why would Bitterroot make this revolutionary innovation apart from their general dentistry services? Because it’s super effective and extremely precise, and it’ll make your dental procedure easier and less painful in the aftermath. Because of the finesse required, here at Bitterroot Dental, we believe that it will b…Read More

  10. Dentist Hygiene: Do Natural Toothpastes Do The Job

    Recently, everyone has started looking for natural substitutes to the products they’ve used for years. Strangely, baking soda hasn't gained sudden popularity, but things like almond butter and the like. Perhaps it’s because there's something savory about all natural superiority, but does any of it really work?  We can’t speak to the effectiveness of almond butter, but we can talk about all-…Read More