Most folks see a dentist as an infallible doctor. While you should put faith in your dentist because they’re in charge of managing your oral health which has connections to your brain and heart, it’s also important to be treated like a customer as well as a patient. There’s a difference between telling you the hard truth about your oral health and bullying you into a procedure you don’t need. You deserve to be treated with respect and if your Missoula dentist isn’t treating you with respect it’s time to leave. Here’s some red flags that you should be on the lookout for when you suddenly feel down after a dentist appointment for no reason.

Your Electronic Health Records Are Hard To Access

Dentists have the pick of a wide selection when they’re choosing their health record system. So if yours is hard to navigate, you find yourself having a huge inconvenience accessing your records or worse—they don’t seem very secure—you might think of at least bringing it up to them. The truth is that sometimes other dentists will try to make accessing your health records harder for you so that you won’t be able to switch. You’re still the customer and the decision is ultimately up to you. Just remember they can’t trap you into only going to them.

Your Dentist Doesn’t Communicate

Communication in the medical profession is key. There should be plenty of communication for you to be able to determine what you need to make your decision in regard to treatments and how to pursue the best oral health available for you. If your dentist isn’t checking in on you, ensuring that you have a six-month cleaning scheduled and that your dental care is all in order, you might need a new dentist. Being the patient should be the easiest part of this relationship, and if it’s not, then there’s something wrong.

Their Bedside Manner Is Lacking

Grey’s Anatomy is all fun and games until you really look at the star doctors on the team and how much they lack in the ability to provide a great bedside manner. When you’re in a doctor’s chair of any kind, especially if they’re proposing surgery, you need that doctor to be pleasant. Large needles, laser dentistry and other precision skills are great, but unless they’re going to treat you with respect when they’re recommending treatments to you all the way through to when they finally sign your pain management prescriptions, they’re not worth your money. There are plenty of Missoula dentists who can provide you with high-quality care that’s compassionate. You don’t need to feel like you’ve made some vital mistake with your oral care when you’re getting ready for oral surgery and you don’t need to walk away from a cosmetic dentistry appointment without a smile on your face.

Ready To Find The Right Missoula Dentist?

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