1. New Digital Panoramic Xray Machine

    We're excited to announce the latest upgrade in equipment to our office is the Gendex Orthoralix 8500 DDE panoramic xray machine. Images taken on the 8500 DDE are sent directly to a computer thereby saving the time previously spent developing the xrays. The 8500 DDE also provides enhanced image quality while lowering the dosage of radiation to unmatched levels. The patients who benefit most are th…Read More

  2. Perfect Shade Matching Using Shade-X

    Now using the X-Rite Shade-X system, we can scan your natural tooth using an optical scanner to achieve the perfect shade match. This is done comfortably and takes less than one second. Most teeth have multiple colors within several layers making it difficult to get an accurate shade match. The Shade-X system scans multiple areas of the tooth giving us the most precise color match available for fi…Read More

  3. Digital Intraoral Camera Gives You A Look Inside Your Mouth

    Now you can see what we see! The Icon by Digital Doc is the #1 rated intraoral camera in America. It's small, slender design allows comfortable, high quality digital images to be taken without any exposure to xrays. It takes only seconds for the image to appear on a computer screen. Now you'll be able to better understand exactly what the doctor is saying, allowing you to be more informed and make…Read More