Since the birth of the electric toothbrush, there has been speculation about the merits of the device. From a singing toothbrush to a refillable brushed metal toothbrush, the varieties have spanned the gamut. To most people, all toothbrushes are created equal, but this isn’t true. As much as one toothbrush may claim that dentists prefer it, it’s probably not true. Finding the right toothbrush depends on quite a few different factors, like your mouth size, tooth size and how vigorously you’re brushing. As a rule, it’s best to not push a brush, electric or manual past a certain point, but that still leaves the question: which one is superior?

Using a manual brush is better than your finger, but it is not the superior teeth brushing instrument you’re looking for. The electric toothbrush has actually won the approval of most of the professionals. Dentists and patients alike can tell the difference between that plain, two-dollar manual toothbrush and that spiffy Sonicare routine. Some dentists have even mentioned that gums look healthier and there’s less to do during an appointment if you use an electric toothbrush.

What the Electric Toothbrush Can Do For You

All those mornings and nights full of rigorous, unyielding back and forth brushing motions are doing a number on your tooth enamel and gums. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to do small circles with your brush, rather than try to scrub the tooth into oblivion. With an electric toothbrush, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your teeth with the same force you use scrubbing the bathroom floor. The electric brush does the work for you, running the bristles in gentle little circular motions on a timed two-minute track. Some even have a pressure light indicator that’ll let you know when you’re brushing your teeth far too hard so you can loosen up and stop sanding them down to nubs.

The Brush For Your Dental Ailment

Depending on your concerns as a brusher you can choose from a couple of different kinds of brushes. Are you suffering from a few too many trips to the Missoula dentist on account of a cavity, then try looking into an Oral B brush. They’re designed to carefully oscillate for the express purpose of wearing down that plaque and gunk that’s causing the bacteria growth in your mouth. If you’re more concerned about gum health and you’re worried about more serious ailments like gum disease, try a Phillips Sonicare. They’re built to penetrate deep down, below the gum line to vibrate those bacterial environments out into the open so they can’t do you any harm. Either model will be able to reduce inflammation, reduce hypersensitivity and remove plaque super effectively.  

For Children and Elderly

When parents are spending quite a pretty penny on their children’s orthodontic care, they don’t think that brushing and the like will become a problem. However, children with braces run the risk of developing little white blocks on their teeth when those braces are removed because they didn’t brush properly. If you’d like to avoid this potential problem an electric toothbrush can work around and lift those stains before they adhere to the surface of the tooth. The elderly with dexterity issues often benefit from the electric toothbrushes motor power. They can benefit from the ease of use, much like everyone else that takes their dentist’s advice and picks one up.

The Bottom Line

With so many benefits to an electric toothbrush, why would anyone not want one? Because the price is definitely on the high side of things. When you can go pick up a manual that you believe does the exact same thing for around $10 at the most, you’re going to flinch when you see some of the high-end price tags. Some can get up to as high as $200 bucks but you probably don’t need the Cadillac to get the job done. You can pay around $50 and get the same, high-quality brushing experience. It’s a price jump, that’s true but you’re teeth are worth investing in.

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