My sixth implant was the best thanks to Dr. Duke

When Dr.Duke began his practice in Missoula and upon the recommendation of several of my friends, he became our family dentist. Over all the years I have had dental service, I can honestly say I have never had better care. He and his staff are highly professional and everyone is pleasant! Dr. Duke truly cares for his patients and their dental welfare. When I learned I needed my sixth implant I was delighted to learn that Dr. Duke was amply qualified to do the implant! After removing the tooth and doing a necessary bone graft, I waited until the area was properly healed. When I returned for the installation, I admit I was somewhat nervous considering previous experiences. I was pleasantly amazed at the speed and accuracy in which he placed a perfectly positioned implant. His dexterity and accuracy bespoke of experience and confidence! My mouth never even noticed anything different! No pain and no after operation concerns have happened! By the way, I’m 84 years old.

Everitt Foust