Everyone wants the highly desirable pearly white teeth. Not only will you generally look better in pictures, you’ll also feel a swell of confidence each time you bless people with the vision of your dazzling smile. So how should you pursue the soon-to-be-reality of a perfectly white smile? There’s a whole host of ways to pursue whiter, fresher looking teeth. You can sleuth out the right cosmetic dentistry option, or you can attempt an all-natural solution first. We recommend pursuing a natural remedy for stained teeth before booking cosmetic dentistry solutions, as the cosmetic effects will only be that much more impressive and effective there’s already been some work done on the stains, prior to your appointment. Check out these easy teeth whitening solutions that will help loosen tougher stains.

Baking Soda

You’ve probably heard of this one before, and that’s because it works. We aren’t suggesting filling your mouth with baking soda and using steel wool to scrub your teeth free of plaque or tartar. We’re merely suggesting that you invest in a toothpaste where baking soda is one of the main ingredients. There are studies that prove that they are significantly more effective at removing stains from your teeth and buffing away bacteria. It’s not an overnight effect, but it’ll definitely show some improvements over time.

Oil Pulling

You can use any kind of oil to absorb the bacteria and pull it away from your teeth and out of your mouth. We like coconut oil over a variety of other oils that are less tasty. We recommend daily oil pulling as it will decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of gingivitis in one shot. It’ll reduce the ability for tartar and plaque to stick onto your teeth, and it will whiten your teeth after establishing a regular routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as a disinfectant and cleaning product. It’s great for cleaning your mouth and bleaching your teeth, but unlike the previous methods we mentioned, it cannot be used every day. Because of its acidic nature, multiple uses could result in softened teeth and might potentially erode the enamel of your teeth, which will actually promote tooth decay and further dental work, rather than just some cosmetic dentistry.  

Hydrogen Peroxide

As one of the most popular household items, it has a whole host of purposes like cleaning out wounds and disinfecting things. However, it’s also a highly effective bleaching agent. Commercial whitening products, that can sometimes erode teeth in the same way that apple cider vinegar can, have hydrogen peroxide in them in higher amounts than the solution we recommend using so it’s much like using a pricey commercial solution. In general, we recommend finding a toothpaste that contains both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for the top results. If you decide to merely rinse your mouth with the solution from time to time, we’d caution you to not use it more than once per week. Extended exposure over a long period of time might cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation that is not worth the whiter teeth as it can easily cause more serious health issues down the road that other oral whitening mixtures won’t.

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