1. Missoula Dentist Advice: Teeth Whitening

    Everyone wants the highly desirable pearly white teeth. Not only will you generally look better in pictures, you’ll also feel a swell of confidence each time you bless people with the vision of your dazzling smile. So how should you pursue the soon-to-be-reality of a perfectly white smile? There’s a whole host of ways to pursue whiter, fresher looking teeth. You can sleuth out the right cosmet…Read More

  2. Winterize Your Teeth!

    When the winter season hits, you might find yourself experiencing more tooth pain than normal. Freezing temperatures and cold air can affect the teeth causing them to become increasingly sensitive. In addition to that, the holiday season brings more starchy and sugary foods that can worsen tooth sensitivity. Read more for some tips on how you can protect your teeth and reduce the risk of uncomfort…Read More