1. Best Foods for a Healthy Smile: Part 2

    Welcome back to our latest blog series. In this series, we are discussing the top foods to be eating to keep your smile bright, white, and beaming. With spring almost in session, it will be time for picnics, camping trips, and lazy days in the sun. Most people want to make sure that their bodies are prepared for the extra activity they will soon be participating in and that is why they decide to c…Read More

  2. Best Foods for a Healthy Smile: Part 1

    Spring may seem like it's still forever away, but in actuality, it’s closer than we think. With spring right around the corner, you may be dreaming of sunny afternoons, days at the pool, and lazy Sunday afternoons eating your favorite treats on a patio. Many individuals decide that they want to start a new routine to get their “summer body” prepared. This can mean anything from creating a ro…Read More

  3. Am I Brushing Enough?

    One question our Missoula dentist gets all too often is simply “am I brushing enough?” While we typically can’t definitively say whether or not a given person is actually dedicating as much time and energy to brushing as they should, it is safe to say that most people do not. When Enough is Enough Any dentist, in Missoula and across the country, will likely tell you the same thing: Brush twi…Read More

  4. Dentist Recommended Chewing Gum?

    The feud between dentists and candy predates all of us. And what is gum if not a candy that you chew far more? Clearly, dentists must loathe chewing gum above all others. For sugar-sweetened gum, it is pretty high up there on a dentist’s “least wanted” list, sugar-free gum, however, may actually come with more than a stamp of approval, but with full-fledged dental support and a toothy smile.…Read More

  5. Natural Dentistry in Moderation

    Recently, there has been a growing trend to reject certain aspects of modern medicine in favor of natural remedies. While there is plenty of controversy to debate in that topic, today we’ll look at the benefits of what they preach, while cautioning some of the detriments. Walking the Natural Line Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet At the heart of this Natural Renaissance is the whole food, plant-based…Read More

  6. Emergency Dentist: A Story Of Urgency – Part 2

    This is a tale of urgency.  This is the second volume in the "Story of Urgency."  If you happened to miss our first part of the series, please read it here: Emergency Dentist: A Story of Urgency- Volume 1. Have you ever been in a scenario where immediate dental help is needed?  Perhaps you have a cavity or a cap has popped off?  Well, in this highly emotional tale, a young child is left with a…Read More

  7. Common Root Canal Myths

    There is quite a lot of mythology regarding the dreaded root canal floating around in our society, but much of it is either outdated or entirely untrue. Today, we will debunk many of the root canal therapy myths and the fear they cause patients everywhere when their dentist suggests the treatment. Understanding Root Canal Therapy Save Your Teeth The biggest myth about root canals is that they are …Read More

  8. The State of Soda Tax

    There are a number of controversial things appearing on local ballots across the country, but for many cities one of the big ticket items is centered around condemning sugary drinks to the same “sin tax” currently enjoyed by alcohol and tobacco. Is this so-called “soda tax” actually going to be effective, and why is it even a point of consideration? Today, our Missoula dental office will d…Read More

  9. Benefits of Digital X-Rays

    For over 100 years, the utilization of x-rays in dental care has provided dentists and patients alike with a way to see tooth decay, bone issues, and other unseen problems from the inside. There are, however, drawbacks to the radiation necessary for this inside view; in addition, the technological limitations of printable x-ray sheets are evident in the low-quality and timely upload and download t…Read More

  10. Consider Pouring Out the Mouthwash

    Nearly every US bathroom has the same things sitting on the sink each morning. It is common to expect toothpaste, toothbrushes, and, of course, mouthwash. Of all oral health care products, perhaps the most heavily marketed of the bunch is this last one. While we do see advertisements for toothpaste, it is far more common to see the litany of mouthwash ads that run nearly all the time. Listerine, f…Read More