1. What’s a Skin Graft?

    Dentistry has come a long way since the days of barber-surgeons who probably caused more dental problems than they solved. Today, we are able to perform and fix all sorts of dental conditions, either for aesthetics or for function, that help you to live a better life. One of these amazing developments in dentistry is gum grafts. But what is a gum graft and when would you need one? Bitterroot Denta…Read More

  2. The Anatomy of a Tooth

    Your teeth are made from the strongest substances in your body — enamel. Your teeth are stronger than your bones. If you think about it, they have to be. Just think of what they do all day long, day in and day out. They are responsible for chewing and beginning the digestive process. They help you breathe and help you talk. Teeth are amazing structures in your body. Bitterroot Dental is a Top Ra…Read More

  3. Bottled Water Will Increase Your Dentist Bill

    No one really thinks about bottled water before they buy it. Maybe you ponder your need for immediate clean water. Maybe you shake your head when looking at the price of a plastic bottle in the 7-11 down the street. Maybe you think about getting a water bottle holder for your bike. What you don’t consider is how it’s affecting your innards. It’s just plain water, it’s not doing anything to…Read More

  4. How Genetics Affect Dentistry

    The Science Behind Family Dentistry With strange and fascinating dentistry innovations on the rise, it’s natural to assume that genetic research will make a difference in dentistry, as it does in all medical areas. The main area that dentistry is focusing on in regard to genetics is epigenetics. But in order to understand the application of these genetic innovations, you’ll have to understand …Read More

  5. Emergency Dentist: A Story of Urgency- Volume 1

    Have you ever been in a situation where you need an emergency dentist? Well, at Bitterroot Dental, we have seen many crisis scenarios in respect to injuries to our patients' mouths or teeth. If you are ever in a situation where an emergency dentist is needed, get in touch with Dr. Duke, the Top Rated Local® Missoula Dentist; the entire staff at Bitterroot Dental will be able to provide the oral h…Read More

  6. Away For The Holidays? Prepare Your Oral Health

    The holiday season is the peak time for travel. Most of the United States is either welcoming family into their home for the holidays or off on the road to visit their own. While the holidays are fun for the whole family, with most nights are spent relaxing with less-friendly drinks and treats, if you are one to travel over the holidays, ensure you are prepared beforehand. Our Missoula Dentist, Dr…Read More

  7. Missoula Dentist Recommend Less Holiday Snacks

    The holidays are a time for family, fun, and food, the three F's coming together to make for a joyous winter break. While dentists in Missoula, such as Dr. Duke, love the holidays, he wants to remind you to think before you over-indulge.  Yes, we should be taking a break from the busier parts of the year, but please keep in mind, your teeth are taking the hit! Take a look at the few types of trea…Read More

  8. Dr Duke Advises 5 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay

    Your Missoula dentist, Dr. Duke, head of Bitterroot Dental Practice in has a few recommendations on preventing plaque build up in respect to tooth decay. Avoiding decay isn't something new in regards to teeth cleaning, but turning this new thought into a habit is important. Once you are able to make a habit with these five recommendations, you will be amazed at how clean your mouth feels. Even mor…Read More

  9. Keep Your Children From These Snacks

    Dental care, in respect to food, begins with what you put in your body. Clearly, the less sugary foods can help keep your pearly whites white. At Bitterroot Dental, we want to not only clean your mouth, but ensure your teeth stay clean. Knowledge on certain food types can help considerably in the fight against plaque. Your Missoula dentist offers a few types of food to stay away from below. Sugary…Read More